Why Use A Hire Bed?

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Why Use A Hire Bed?

No one knows what the future can bring. Especially post COVID19. Life goes on and some of us may find we are using home care. If only for a short while. Maybe you have had back surgery, hip replacement or some other medical procedure. You want to know that once you are up on your feet again that your hire bed, will safely return to us, always here if you need it. And once you meet us and engage with us, you will also have the added PEACE OF MIND that comes with knowing who to turn to if you need us at Homecare Medical in the future.

Of course, it also helps to know you have made some budgetary savings and taken a very prudent approach along the way.

The transition from hospital to home can be upsetting and anxious for many people. We take the worry out of an issue that can sometimes seem insurmountable. When a person’s mobility is effected it can provide new challenges for them.

With our professional experience we will already have taken the problems out of your hands without you knowing it. That’s how much we TRUST and believe in the quality and promise of our comfortable and relaxed hire beds and medical mattresses.

Having your own individual hire bed in your private home can make a difference to your mood and can only help increase your positive recovery.

These special hire beds also attempt to ensure peace of mind for your CAREGIVERS, who will also need to feel they are working effectively and efficiently for you. So everyone is a winner.

Aesthetically our electric beds are non-intrusive and blend into any home environment. They have a stunning and appeasing timber look which suits many interiors.

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